Ø800mm clamping chuck
Ø910 x 3250mm max lathing diameter
With steady rest Ø85 – Ø350 full automatical
with tailstock full automatical
CNC controlled Siemens 828D


Jungenthal JU20K (Retrofit)
Ø2100 x 1000mm maximum lathing diameter
max piece weight 16.000kg (16to)
CNC-controlled with 2 lathe rams




Cycle lathes:
2x Monforts KNC5
 Ø 290 x 1000mm

1x Monforts KNC6 Ø 400 x 3000mm
1x Monforts KNC10 
Ø 1000 x 4000mm 

at max. Ø 750mm over cross slide

CNC lathes
3x Monforts HNC Ø 750 x 1500mm 

at max. Ø 550mm over cross slide
1x with hydrauliy steady rest for Ø 70-200mm
2x Monforts FNC Ø 600 x 1500mm
1x Monforts RNC4 Ø 220 x 1000mm
Vertikal turning machine
1x Schiess-Frorip Ø 1500 x 1000mm
Face plate – Ø 1200mm
with grinding device for inner and outer grinding