Machining of 4 grinding plate segments (total diameter 1400mm) made of G-X 300 CrMoNi-1-2-1 with a hardness of 710 -730 HV (~ 61-62HRC). Segments are pinned together for editing.

1965 Foundation of the company by Hubert Esser in Baal.The favourable development of our company induced us to expand our business.

1976 Relocation to the new building in Erkelenz, Gewerbegebiet Ost (commercial area in East Erkelenz)

1985 Extension of the second hall1989 Extension of the third hall

1995 The company was taken over by Wilhelm Esser

1998 Extension of the fourth hall

2006 Completion of the current site in Erkelenz, Gewerbegebiet Gipco (Gipco commercial area)

2009 Extension of the second hall at current Site

2014 The company was taken over by Dominik and Christian Esser

2017 Opening of the section welding technology

There are 22 employees in the production,
2 apprentices,
and 4 employees in the administration